Neuroscience - PhD Graduate Programme – University of Copenhagen

From molecular to in vivo

Research Focus

The independent research project is the foundation for obtaining a PhD degree. As a supplement to this we aim to provide an intensive training environment for neurobiology Ph.D. students that takes into account the needs for both the specialization and the broader background knowledge. 

Graduate Courses

We offer graduate courses in a broad variety within Neuroscience. Activities are coordinated with neuroscience programmes at the University in Aarhus, University of Southern Denmark, and the University of Aalborg.


In order to obtain a PhD degree at an adequate scientific level, you should attend courses corresponding to a total of 30 ECTS. The courses offered by GP in Neuroscience are always approved by the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences.


Most of the courses provided through the Neuroscience Graduate programme are announced at the Course Catalogue at Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences, and applied for through their website.